Monday, January 24, 2011

He Prays

Every night, when we sit down to supper* we say a prayer together as a family.

For awhile, prayers made Elijah cry.  I'm not sure why, but I think it was because any way you slice it - we were delaying his eating.

But now? He's consistently bowing his head while we pray. I know, because I always peek to see what he's doing.

When we say, "Amen" he lifts his head and smiles the biggest smile - probably because he knows it's time to eat. Either way, it's nice to have him participate with us more.  He's taking part, noticing social customs, wanting to do what we do and wanting to please us.

He prays.

And I do too.


*Dear Grandpa John, I edited this to read supper instead of dinner just for you. You're welcome.


Mo said...

Such a sweet, big boy!

Michelle said...

I peek during prayers to see what my kids are doing too, and it makes me so happy when they have closed their eyes and bowed their head... I thought it would never happen! Of course, sometimes they are sneaking a bite to eat when I look!
Oh, and I laughed out loud about the "supper" thing... I know some people who are very bothered that we call "supper" by the word "dinner," when CLEARLY "dinner" can only mean "lunch!" Anyway, it made me laugh. :)

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