Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Football with Dad

Elijah doesn't really watch TV.  I think it's because of the visual complexity. Sometimes, though, we can get him to sit with us on the couch for a short amount of time.
We were watching the Packer/Bears game this past weekend and Elijah was very entertained by us shouting, "Touchdown!"
Having snacks helps too. 
I think we have a football fan in the making. 


Anonymous said...

Sounds like Elijah is ready for Super Bowl Sunday!

Grandpa Dennis said...

I think Elijah's mother maybe was putting in a plug that the people in Wisconsin have one more football game to watch.
Go Packers and likewise "Go Elijah"

Kathy said...

How awesome! I'm sure He will be ready for Super Bowl Sunday...Go Pack! Elijah, you are such a sweetie! I loved your smile at your Daddie. Love you, GrammaKat

Bobbi said...

I had to check out your latest pictures!! I noticed the award for Top CP blog! Congrats! You have a great way of expressing yourself through writing WHILE sharing what Elijah is up to!

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