Friday, January 14, 2011


Everyone used to say that Elijah looked like me.

The older he gets, though, the more I hear people say, "He looks just like Andy."
Indeed, he does.

Oh, how I love them both.

Also, on a side note, doesn't Eli's hair look ultra-cute in this photo? :)


Andy said...

It sure does. Hey, what about my hair? :)

Bobbi Kitowski said...

Andy and Lisa, Eli is getting so big! We missed you guys over the holidays! Hope all is well and CUTE picture of the boys!

Mo said...

Handsome fella's!

Kathy said...

They certainly do look alike AND I might add they are two very dapper looking young men. I Love and miss you all. MomKat

Grandpa Dennis said...

That is a really nice picture of father and son.

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