Friday, November 5, 2010


I know it's been pretty silent in Elijahland for almost three weeks. Three weeks!

A lot has been going on in our household and I want to fill you all in, but for now just this short update...

Insurance is a pain in the bum. 

Yep, I think that pretty much sums things up.

After (about) three months of ABA therapy, we got a call this past Sunday night and were told that our insurance has started to deny claims and that our service was being suspended until we can get it all figured out. We've had no ABA services this week. None.

Our new normal of constant therapy, the normal I felt like I was finally getting accustomed to, is gone.  Elijah is bored, honestly.
Corn or insurance, Andy is an excellent maze navigator
So, now we're navigating this maze, trying to figure out how we're going to finance this therapy that has been so beneficial to Elijah.  There are other options, other routes we can take.  I just wish things weren't so complicated, you know? And I'm thankful for Andy, he's the kind of guy who gets things done.  He's become a good navigator in the past three years.

The most frustrating thing is that our little boy is the one caught in the middle. He's the one whose life gets turned upside down as a result.  And that, folks, just isn't right.

We'll figure it out.


Kathy said...

Ah, our little Elijah - but he has great parents and that will get him through. Along with God's help. Love you all.. MomKat

Aimee said...

Sometimes it's hard to see when our obstacle-at-hand is a door that's been closed or a wall that must be surmounted. I always struggle with that. I'll pray for you guys to have discernment (perhaps one of the other options you mentioned would be more beneficial, and God's trying to nudge you that way?), courage (who doesn't need that when dealing with insurance companies!??) and strength. You guys are AWESOME parents, people, and Christians, and continuously inspire and humble me. Love you, Cuz N. Co :)

rc45 said...

Lisa and Andy,
We don't always know what is next in our lives;however we can always go to God and call out to Him to guide us through the mazes in our lives. We too are trying to navigate through the insurance maze in our lives.

Anonymous said...

This is discouraging but common, Lisa. One problem is in the representation of ABA as a therapy when it is more like an educational technique or not clearly in the medial realm. Can you press his school to provide the technique in-house? Wishing you good luck with this part of the maze. Daunting, I know. Barbara

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