Monday, November 8, 2010

Can I Just Say?

I DO NOT like Daylight Savings Time. I do not like it Sam-I-am.

I do not like it here or there, I do not like it anywhere.
We tried to keep Elijah up later last night so that he'd get adjusted to the new DST schedule.  We generally go cold turkey when it comes to time change. I don't prepare ahead of time, slowly trying to get my child accustomed (mostly because DST sneaks up on me). Instead of conking out when we did put Elijah to bed, he was up until 9:30 and up at 5:30.  I guess that technically is eight hours of sleep, but a little dude needs more than that.  And this mom (who never goes to sleep when her boy does) needs more than that.
Can't say I've ever liked DST, but ever since becoming a mom I've loathed it. I mean, you get your child in a schedule finally and then it gets all messed up. Woohoo, time to fall back? Another hour of sleep? Um, no. Nobody tells a baby or toddler to sleep according to the clock.
I'm awake, really!
I don't like it Sam-I-am. I'm tired.

Are you with me moms? Dads? Anyone? How do you feel about DST? Please tell me someone is as loopy as me this morning (I mean, I am posting sleepy pictures of myself on the internet, if thats not loopy I don't know what is.)


Aimee said... That's all i can see.

Also - not a fan of time change. I like DST in general, but feel it should remain in effect all year around.

And yes, I realize that means it'd be dark longer in the AM, but it's going to be dark in the AM anyway, and I don't care if I miss darkness while at work..but when I get off work, I want at least *some* sunlight.

Of course, that only matters when I have a job. Hmph.

But with you on the DST thing..and reallllllly want coffee.

Mo said...

Yesterday was the LONGEST day ever!! At 5pm I was ready to put Oia down for bedtime but we still about 3 more hours to go!

Anonymous said...

Totally agree Lisa. The time change is so annoying. We kept Eden up 30 minutes late everyday last week. But at first she was still getting up in the mornings at the same time. Then it shifted 30 minutes later. So, need to work on 30 more minutes to get her back to the 7:30 to 7:30 schedule.

Anonymous said...

Lisa--congratulations on elijahland being in the top cerebral palsy blogs!

DST--hmmmm. I do like sun in the mornings but wish we had another hour at night. I guess that's called Spring and Summer! Peggy

Kathy said...

DST is the pits! It affects all of us who have to go through it. But mostly it throws off all our systems. And little ones don't understand the concept at all. Today someone was talking about their pets, also. Personally, I have always hated it. It's time for it to stop! In the meantime, I will stop ranting. We will have to you

rc45 said...

Hey Lisa,
I guess all of us have to learn to adjust to DST. We humans should realize that the cycles of time are there because God created the earth that way. We should all realize that this time of the year gives an opportunity to slow down a little and appreciate the way He created time. I too wish that we as humans would not tamper with the clock or time.

DaD said...

Nice Pics.

Love Dad

Anonymous said...

We are all kinds of discombobulated over here. And? I have gotten virtually no writing done because my brain is sleepy and uncooperative. This is not acceptable.

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