Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Snow Day 2010

We had our first snowfall of the season this past weekend. It was glorious.
Elijah really wanted to go outside, so out we went.
This year's first snow of the season? I think it was my favorite ever.  It was so beautiful and we had so much fun together as a family.  Plus, I think Elijah invented a new sport - extreme swinging (I was kind of surprised he still fit in his swing with his snowsuit on!). 

Right now I'm loving snow. Ask me how I feel about it in February - unfortunately I'm sure love and snow will not be in the same sentence when you ask me then.

Anyway, our Snow Day 2010 will go down in history as a really good day (it was the conclusion of A Day in Our Life).
Want a blast from the past? Check out our first snow from last year.


rc45 said...

Thanks for sharing pictures of your 1st snow for 2010. It came earlier for you this year I see.
The picture of Elijah in his swing reminds me telling you about Maya having one just like it. Hers was on the lower deck of our house, but has now been moved to her swing set.

Mo said...

Pretty and fun, yes, but I'm still enjoying sunshiny 60+ degree days.... keep the snow over there a little longer, please?

Great pic of Elijah by the fence!!

Kathy said...

Hey, where is the snowman that Andy was making? Did you finish it? Well, there probably is some time yet to finish it:). We didn't get the snow you did this year. There is still time to enjoy a snow fall together. Love you....MomGrammaKat

Lisa said...

Oh, Mo...I'm jealous of your 60 degree days! :) Is it still so nice? And thanks, I love that picture of Eli by the fence too.

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