Tuesday, August 3, 2010


In his short life, Elijah hasn't gotten into a lot of trouble. Not necessarily because he doesn't want to, but because for most of his life he's barely used his hands. Just think about how much trouble you could get into without using your hands. It wouldn't be easy.

That's why whenever Elijah gets into "trouble" our thoughts are usually filled with rejoicing. Jumping and walking on the couch? Woohoo! That's awesome PT. Pulling out all his toys and scattering them all over the floor? Yay! Schreeching like a fire-engine? Um, my ears hurt, but great vocal range little dude! Whining about the toy he can't reach that he can see sitting next to his car seat? Here you go, buddy, you can have it! Pulling knick-knacks and cds off of our shelf? What great dexterity! Tearing down the curtains? Aweso- wait, that one's getting old.

I can tell you one thing....Life around here is never dull. We rejoice over trouble.  And then, we try our best to correct the behavior if necessary.  But first, we take a picture.  You would too, just admit it. 


Janet said...

You guys are such awesome parents! We are just waiting for our guy to get into 'trouble'. I will be taking pictures too!

Its so great to see other parents like us rejoicing over things other parents would be cringing.

Go Elijah Go!

Mo said...

We absolutely do the same thing. Just last night Oia was holding the sticky end of her sucker with Righty and instead of making her fix it, hubby and I said, 'oh well, at least she's using two hands!' I totally get you here!!

And by the way, hats off to Elijah!

Leanna said...

I could only giggle as I read this post! It is the same for us!

We can never keep a straight face when we are trying to tell Cole not to pull our speakers (on stands) down because he is already giggling before he can even manipulate his arm to reach for it, knowing we are telling him "no,no".

We are so proud of him for figuring out how to maneuver his KidWalk over to it and then to be able to have intent when reaching for the speaker.

Way to go Elijah!

Kathy Lausted said...

Elijah, you are becoming curiouser and curiouser. Way to go! Look at all you are learning about all the corners of the world. Love you, GrammaKat

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa,
I frequently grab the camera first too! Lol! :0)

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