Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Time Marches On

**The pictures in this post are from Elijah's third birthday party**
When parenting a child with special needs it's easy to think that you have more time in a sense for your child to be young.  The days still fly by, but the milestones come slower.
I've felt stuck at times, like someone's pressed pause on our life as we watch the world whiz past us.  Here we are with a three-year-old, who essentially acts in many ways like a one-year-old.  It can feel like we're stuck in time, like things are never going to change.
But things DO change.
As we get caught up in our day to day life it can be hard to see the changes.  Some things are the same, but our lives have definitely changed.
In these early years of Elijah's life, it has felt like some milestones would never come. And sometimes it still feels that way. But, before we know it, something we've been working on for ages clicks. And that something becomes the norm until eventually I almost forget we had to work so hard to get there.  Elijah's proceeding at his own pace and on his own schedule - and that's okay.  
I think I've forgotten that this little boy is going to grow up.  I've known it all along, of course, but haven't let myself really sit with it. We've been too focused on helping him heal, that I've almost forgotten that time goes by so fast.  We really have done so much in these three years.  Sometimes it seems like a millisecond and sometimes is seems like a million years.
He's three. I can't believe it. My baby isn't a baby anymore.  I'm cherishing him even more as I remember that he's only going to be getting bigger. And remembering, always, just how far our little miracle has come.


Mo said...

happy belated birthday to your sweet elijah!!

Kathy said...

Our dear sweet, Elijah....You've brought three years of joy! Love, GrammaKat

Cathy said...

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