Monday, August 30, 2010

Date Night

Wickedly fun!
Last week, Andy and I saw Wicked. It was so fun.  We don't get out very often, so it's such a treat when we do leave the house. Together! Without a small child! Thanks Uncle Andy and Aunt Karen for taking such good care of our little dude so that we could have a night out worry-free.
You guys rock!
By the way, I loved Wicked. It was awesome.

I'm a firm believer in making time for your marriage.  And while I don't think we'll ever be a couple who goes out a lot (we've always been a movie at home kind of people), having a night out here and there is sometimes just what we need to recharge our marriage batteries.

I know it isn't always easy to find the time to go out, someone you trust to watch your child(ren), or the money to do something fun (and yes, I realize that is most likely an understatement). What do you all do for fun with your significant other?  Do you still go on dates now that you're a parent?


Kathy said...

Date? Children are grown but still no date night. HA. But we are two old people - very tired. Funny how life changes. Now it's nice to get together with our children and grandchildren. Funny, huh? I'm glad you were able to get out for a little fun. Love you, Mom/Gramma/Kat

Susan said...

great you were able to get out. me and my husband have tried the 'planned' date night but we do much better with the random, impromptu drop the kids off at grandmas and run to catch a movie. The planned nights for us seem to cause too much pressure to make it a lot of fun. but the random ones are great and definitely recommend them! -- Susan

Michelle said...

Yes! We do not go out as often as we'd like, but I agree that it is very important! If we find a coupon for a restaurant we like (and there are more coupons than usual these days because everyone's trying so hard to drum up business) sometimes we take advantage of it.

I'm glad you got to go see Wicked (and a little jealous)! So fun!!

Brextin's Hope said...

I just saw Wicked on Broadway and totally enjoyed it - I went with a cousin - I would see it again in a heartbeat!

Time together is what we struggled with as well - we are now working on getting closer - and rekindling our marriage - have any child can be stressful - yet even more when you are blessed with special needs.

We struggled since no one in our family felt comfortable taking care of Brextin (the only person that would help us out was our wonderful daycare provider) - we finally got some RESPITE care about two months before he was taken - and we used that time to do one on one dates with Brayden or each other -

Have you sought out RESPITE care out yet - we were able to interview our care taker - she had a two year nursing degree - but going towards a 4 year degree - I totally fell in love with her - she was truly our BIG angel to our family - We used a company called Res-Care - we only got 10 hours per week - but it allowed me to run to Wal-mart, etc -

Just a thought - it was the toughest decision yet (getting Respite care) but it was the best decision we had made!

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