Tuesday, February 12, 2008

We had a really good time this past weekend visiting our families in Wisconsin. Time always goes by too quickly, but it sure was nice to see everyone. Elijah seemed to take some time to adjust to being in a different place, but once he relaxed, he had a really good time too. (Uh-oh, is he becoming a homebody like his mommy?! :))

The Occupational Therapist came by this afternoon. She brought a wedge for Elijah to lie on and he did a really good job weight bearing on his arms. He stayed there on his tummy for about ten minutes which is really, really good.

The OT gave Elijah another A for today and said that his parents got an A too! (I guess we must be doing something right.J) She left us even more toys, so Elijah has all sorts of new things to play with, which is great. He even batted at one of the toys (it looks something like a cheerleader’s pom-pom and spun around in circles). He’s doing really well and I’m so glad that he’s having someone come every week to work with him now. I know that he is going to continue to thrive with the help of therapy and more importantly, the help of prayers.

Well, here we go again…Tomorrow morning we start our appointments. We’ll see the eye doc at 8:30 and the brain doc at 11:30. I’m not really excited about it, but I know that it’s in Elijah’s best interest.

The pediatric optometrist was extremely nice when I met her the first time, so that makes things a little easier. I’m a bit nervous, though, that they’ll find something wrong this time. He converges significantly less, but once in awhile I think I might see one of his eyes turn in a tiny bit. It’s very slight and I don’t know if I would think too much of it if he hadn’t had any birth issues. I did capture it in a picture, so we printed it out and will bring the photo in to the eye doc to see what she thinks. The good news about crossed-eyes is that there are things they can do to correct the issue at this tender age. So if there is an issue, I think there is hope that it could be corrected.

As far as Dr. Gloom goes, I think we all know how I feel about him. :) I’m feeling mostly indifferent about seeing him tomorrow. I’m trying to psyche myself up so that I can remain strong in his presence. I want him to be able to feel my optimism when I walk into the room. I want to be able to stick up for my son tomorrow if the doc says something with which I disagree. The Early Intervention ladies told us awhile back that Dr. Gloom was listed in the Twin Cities Top 100 Doctors list. We see him because he’s supposedly a good doctor. I don’t know what good he’s done us, except to freak us out unduly. I guess he can’t help it if God keeps proving him wrong! J Dr. Gloom has told us what he sees and then God shows us what He can do about it.

Anyway, we need some shut-eye! It’ll be an early morning for us since we’ll have to fight rush hour traffic. Please pray for things to go well tomorrow. Night!


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