Friday, February 15, 2008

Elijah had a ‘half-birthday’ yesterday. Can you believe he is six months old already?

Elijah is so much fun and such a joy to be around. We can tell he is getting older and he is doing some fun new things. Sometimes we’ll say “I’m going to get you!” and we’ll tickle him. He’ll start giggling before we even touch him. He is also becoming more mobile. Elijah never used to move around in his crib, but now we’ll go into his room to find that the little guy has moved 90 or even 180 degrees. He also moves from his back to laying on his sides a lot, which is a position he likes to suck on his hand.

It also seems that he is keeping his hands un-fisted a lot more and is using his hands more purposively. We’ve seen him batting at and touching items on a regular basis. Just today, he was sitting in his Bumbo chair with some toys in front of him and he was batting at the toy. He’s not too coordinated yet, but he is trying to grab things. These are all great things and another answer to prayers. We know he is going to continue to improve and use his arms more as he gets stronger.

The other day Andy and I were talking to a woman when it came up in conversation that I had had a c-section. She was inquisitive about it. “Why did you have a c-section?” she asked. When I told her it was an emergency, she wanted to know more. It was a difficult labor we told her and our son suffered brain damage. (Elijah was jumping in my lap at the time.) Her eyes got all big and she said, “Brain damage? But, he’s perfectly fine! He looks like any other six month old! Sometimes doctor’s think they know more than they really do.” While, we think he’s great, it’s kind of wonderful when a random stranger thinks he looks great too.

Anyway, life is good. Next week is going to be busy and so we’re going to try and enjoy a nice, relaxing weekend. We hope you have a great weekend too!

Love, The Wagners


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