Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Elijah’s appointment with Early Intervention went very well today. (Yep, I said today...there was a little mix-up, so they ended up coming today instead of yesterday…for those of you wondering).

Anyway…It was a really good session. Elijah was in a very happy mood and the OT said that he got an A because he did so well. He was smiling and didn’t mind getting his range of motion checked (he hated it last time). The OT said that his range was really good today. She didn’t notice any tightness, it was better than last time, and she could get a full range of motion out of him. These are all great things! I was really encouraged by today’s session.

The OT brought a toy to help with visual development and left it with us so that we can play with it. It’s a black board that you can attach colorful toys and the toys move around in a circle. Elijah was really interested in it.

The OT said I need to continue doing weight bearing exercises with his arms. His lower body and legs are very strong (probably from all that jumping!) but his arms need more strength. Elijah also got to do some exercises today on a ball…it was like the exercise balls they have for adults…only smaller. J He loved bouncing on the ball and was all smiles. He didn’t like it when the OT had him do tummy time and she got to see first hand how he likes to immediately roll over. I got more tips on how to promote his growth and she was very complimentary about the things I do with him naturally. I obviously don’t mind hearing that! It’ll be nice to have Early Intervention come every week now to help us out.

I’ve been noticing changes in Elijah lately. Just yesterday, I was about to make a phone call and the phone was sitting next to me on the couch. I noticed that Elijah was staring at the phone, so I moved it closer to him and he reached for it and started to touch it. I was so excited! He does seem to want to touch things more when he is interested in them now. He keeps getting stronger and smarter day by day! Thanks for the prayers and keep them coming!

(By the way…I’m exhausted and I’ve tried to proofread this, but my eyes are blurry and my brain is “soggy”, so if none of this makes sense, that’d be why. Elijah is still awake. He’s lying quietly in his crib and I’m hoping he’ll be able to drift off into dreamland. Last night he spent the night in bed with us because he refused to sleep. Where did our good sleeper go?:))


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