Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leaping in the Snow

We finally got some snow here in Minnesota.
Sure, we've had a few inches here and there, but this has been a weird Winter for us. We've had very little precipitation and warm temps have caused our snow to melt quickly.  It seemed like Winter never arrived.
Now, I'm not complaining, but I have missed the snow. So when we got dumped with snow last night and today, I was pretty thrilled. And when school, ABA, and occupational therapy were all cancelled I was pretty excited for a Snow Day!
It didn't take much convincing for Elijah to take a nap with me in the late morning.  It's pretty nice to be able to snuggle with both of my boys, one in my arms and the other kicking in my belly.
We decided to wait until Andy got off from work to head outside. Elijah doesn't last too long in the cold and I wanted to share the Wintery-goodness with all of my boys.
I've been waiting all season for fun in the snow. Snow Day 2012 delivered.
Pretty awesome leap-day if you ask me.


Dad Lausted said...

Elijah looks like he really enjoyed his day off.
The snowman looks happy as well.
Life is good.
Love Dad

Kathy said...

Yeah...Elijah looks like he enjoyed his snow day and the snowman looks happy. But, wow, look at Andy, he looks pretty relaxed. :)

Love, GrammaMomKat

Barbara said...

Happy with you! GREAT exercise and sensory experience for Elijah!

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