Friday, May 25, 2012


Have you wondered how Elijah is adjusting to sharing his parents with a little brother?
For the most part, his reaction has been to ignore his brother entirely. I mean, what exactly can a baby do for him?
I was so pleased, though, that when we returned from the hospital Elijah immediately acknowledged his brother (shown in these photos). Elijah was in the middle of his snack when I brought Oliver over to see his big brother. Elijah put his forehead on Oliver, which is a sign of affection on Elijah's part.

I can tell Elijah loves his little brother in his own way. And while he hasn't shown much interest in his little brother since that moment, he will sometimes come over to observe his little brother's screaming diaper changes with great interest.

I'm looking forward to watching their relationship evolve in the years to come.


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