Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A Family of Four

The night before
Yesterday, May 15th, our family of three became a family of four.

Oliver Luke was born at 7:58 am, weighing in at 9 pounds and 2 ounces. He was 21.5 inches long.
Moments after birth; he's a big guy!
The delivery was beautiful and peaceful.
Meeting our second born
Elijah met his brother yesterday (he's in the capable care of his Uncle Andy and Aunt Karen in our absence). Elijah looked at Oliver a few times, but didn't seem to know what to think about his new brother. I'm interested to see how he'll react in the weeks to come as we all fall into new routines at home.
First family photo
My recovery is coming along great so far and I can say that this birth experience was about a million times better than the last time. I feel so at peace and happy. This is what a birth is supposed to feel like.
Oliver Luke; We're madly in love
Thank you all for your prayers and well-wishes. We're on cloud nine and feel so blessed to be a family of four. We have two incredible little boys that we get to call our own.


Erin said...

Firstly, you look GORGEOUS in your "night before" picture. Secondly, I am immensely happy, thrilled, tickled, get the idea...for you guys. :-)

Mo said...

Precious!! Amen!! Congratulations!!

Grandpa Dennis said...

I will never get over the miracle of a new being. We all feel so good about our new grandson. Elijah is so fortunate to have a little brother.
Life has lows but certainly has it highs as well.

rc45 said...

Congratulations Lisa,Andy,and Elijah. Oliver looks adorable. Big boy already.

Janet said...

So happy for your family! I LOVE the name Oliver!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!! I'm so happy for your family :) Noah was one of the best things that happened to LJ

Michelle said...

Congratulations! I am so happy the c-section went well and that little Oliver is so healthy and happy! You look pretty great too. It will be so much fun to watch Elijah settle into the role of big brother.

Murzelmom said...

Congrats! God bless!

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