Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Impromptu Nap

I was trying to eat a quick lunch before needing to head out for an Elijah doctor appointment. I'd eaten about half of my sandwich when I realized that Elijah was being much too quiet. I can usually keep an ear (if not always an eye) on him by listening to him play with his noisy toys. The house had become silent, which usually means trouble. Right?
I walked into the next room to find little man sleeping peacefully in the sunlight, something I remember doing as a kid. This is not the typical behavior from our active little guy. I stood and watched him for a moment, soaking in his cuteness and savoring the moment.

Love is an understatement.


Kathy said...

There's nothing like a sleeping child - so quiet, full of peace. Their little eye lashes laying quiet on their red cheeks. So beautiful. It makes you go quiet and still. Love you little man....GrammaKat

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