Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Stair Master - A Year Later

Elijah has been working on navigating our stairs for a long time.
He's gotten really good at climbing the stairs. He can walk without holding onto anything, but I'm happy to report he will reach out to touch the wall for support if he needs the help.
As I took pictures of him today, he kept looking back at me. And making me a little nervous about falling. And making my heart melt. Oh, the sly grin in the following photo...seriously, my heart is a pile of mush.
When it's time to come back down the stairs, Elijah starts out holding onto the wall. Excellent!
He soon decides that sliding down on him bum is easier.
And might I add - definitely a lot more fun!
Oh, how I love this boy. Sometimes I can't believe he's mine. What a lucky gal am I!


Grandpa Dennis said...

Oh Elijah. You have come so far. Even if it is just up and down the stairs. And you know what, you have tomorrow to learn even more things.
Love from Grandpa Dennis

Kathy said...

Little Elijah, you aren't so little any more. You have grown so tall and you are doing things that are challenging. We love you....GrammaKat

Sarah said...

He's better at stairs than I am!

Murzelmom said...

Just previous. <3

Murzelmom said...

Oh, that phone writing!

I meant: Just PRECIOUS!! <3

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