Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Lately, Elijah has been such a sweetheart.  He's giving us kisses before bed and showing an interest in a stuffed animal, his penguin that we've dubbed "Pengi" (we are so original, I know!).  Up until a few months ago, Elijah could have cared less about stuffed animals.
One night before bed, I kept asking Elijah to give me a kiss.  I kissed Pengui, so Elijah took Pengui from me and gave him a kiss too.

"Elijah can you give me a kiss?" I asked multiple times.

Instead of giving me a kiss, though, Elijah grabbed my hand and took it to the edge of the bed, but I couldn't figure out what he wanted.

"Elijah, can you give me a kiss?" I asked again.

The little man looked right at me and shook his head no, with a little boy smirk on his face.

It was so appropriate. He was telling me.

And then he grabbed my hand again and brought me to the edge of the bed again.

"Elijah, do you want mommy to leave?"

Huge smile.

Our son doesn't have words, but sometimes, this kid's communication is crystal clear.

Elijah totally rejected me and somehow it made me feel great. Isn't that just what little boys are supposed to do?


Mo said...

Since our kids can't "talk", we have to constantly watch their every move and gesture to "hear" what they are telling us... I so get it. And yes, it's a beautiful thing to understand what they are trying to tell us, not matter what the message.

Stuffed animal Grandpa Dennis said...

Pretty sure I will qualify as a "stuffed animal". Can't wait to see Elijah to see if I will fit the category for a kiss and hug.
Am always so happy to hear of the continuing changes, even if they may seem small.

Kathy said...

It's a fact that our children move on to others. In this case it's Pengi. Don't worry, you're not really being replaced. I miss Elijah's kisses and hugs. And spending time with you, Lisa and Andy. Love, GrammaKat

Erin said...

I love what Mo wrote. Ethan "talks" all the time, we just have to watch him sometimes to "hear." So great that you are seeing "typical" behavior from your little man.

On a side note, I wish we lived closer!!!

Lisa said...

Thanks for the lovely comments... and Erin, I wish we lived closer too!

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