Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Sound of Laughter (and Progress Updates)

I know, I know... I've been a blogging slacker lately and I suppose you all want to know what Elijah has been up to. Well, he's been getting into trouble...and that's a good thing! Who woulda thunk that'd be a good thing?!

Elijah's eyesight has defintely improved. Yes, he's still visually impaired, but he's looking up more and giving more eye contact than he ever has in the past. Exciting stuff.

With better eyesight comes improved ability to learn about the world around him. He plays with the blinds on our windows, pulls down the curtains on our entry door, gets himself behind our couch, and plays in the dirt in our potted plants. If he could figure out how to open the door to our bathroom, he'd be playing in the toilet bowl (yep, he did that once). Just today I was thinking I might have to do a better job of baby-proofing our house. The boy is two and I haven't really had to worry about him getting into things (this much) until now.

The other thing that has been improving is Elijah's hands. I see him spontaneously opening his hands more often. And, every once in awhile I'll see him crawling with his hands all the way open. Let me emphasize this point...crawling with his hands open is so awesome! Why? Because keeping his hands open while he weight bears will strengthen his little hands and will help him do even more with his hands in the future (at least I hope so!).

Speaking of the future, I see speech as Elijah is making improvements in this regard too. He's doing better chewing and eating and does mimick sounds occassionally (usually with his speech therapist). Last week his therapist was saying all of these sounds (Mamamama, mooomomoomooo, baabaabababa) as Elijah watched her face intently. His little lip quivered like he wanted to say something too, but didn't. We moved on to something else. But a minute later, Elijah started saying all the sounds she had made. I know it's just sounds, but it gives me hope that he will indeed talk. My hope is that by the time he is three we could have some consistent words from little dude. Let's hope!

And my favorite update...We play this little "I'm going to get you game" together. I say "I'm going to get you" and he curls up and smiles at me. I grab him and tickle him and he laughs. Then, I'll lie on the floor and Elijah will come up to me and fold himself on top of me with this mischevious look on his face. He's "getting me!" So fun!

Phew! I know I haven't updated for a long time, which means a long post. Sorry. :)

It's going to be a little hectic here for awhile, so to tide you over, here's a video that was taken at little man's birthday party. Notice how dirty the little guy is. He had so much fun that day.

This one's for you, Grandpa John...


Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa, I was wondering if you've tried sign language? It seems like everyone with little babies are teaching them sign language and it's amazing how quickly they learn the words for mom, milk, etc.
Suzie (cousin of Wendy Lausted)

Ellen Seidman said...

Lisa, I am literally crying from happiness about all the amazing stuff Elijah is up to—and that video of him laughing and laughing. I so loved that.

I came here to tell you I gave you a blog award.

rc45 said...

Hello Lisa,
Sandy and I have a 3 yr. old grandson that has speech challenges also-how-be-it for different reasons. He was born with a cleft lip and pallet. He too has a speech theropist that is working with him. He is going this week to have test done to his pallet to see if he needs more sergery to structure his pallet.
Reggie and Sandy Warren

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