Thursday, October 15, 2009

World Traveler

Two weeks ago, our little world traveler took his first airplane ride. He was such a trooper.

You see…last week, we were in Texas celebrating the Feast. We had a grand 'ole time and we've been busy getting back into our routines (which would explain the lack of updates about our little explorer). It's seriously taken me three days to tackle "Mount Washmore" and I'm still not caught up on all of our laundry. Say it with me now, "Down with GERD!!!" Yes, there was a lot of laundry.

Now onto the fun stuff: Flying!
Um, What are my parents doing to me?!

I was a bit worried about taking a two-year-old on an airplane, not to mention a two-year-old who just so happens to have special needs as well as severe food allergies. As with most things that we worry about, everything turned out fine.

On our first flight, we had to wake up really early and Elijah started to complain once we got to the airport. We were getting sympathetic looks and smiles from people, but their eyes were also saying, "Oh, please tell me they're not riding on the same plane as me." Once we got situated on the plane, Elijah started to cry inconsolably. A flight attendant kindly offered us some juice to calm Elijah down, but I showed her the bottle that he kept rejecting. He had no interest in drinking anything. I think he was tired and a little bit scared, but once the plane started taxiing down the runway he calmed down and was quiet for the rest of the flight. He even seemed to like the turbulence and took a nap!

On the flight home Elijah seemed to think flying was old hat. He sat quietly in his seat taking it all in and seemed excited as I explained that we were flying again. I couldn't believe it when I looked over a few minutes after we got on the plane and saw that Elijah had fallen fast asleep before we had even left the ground. He was an experienced and well-behaved traveler for the second flight and we were quite proud.

As we made our way off of the plane, a flight attendant stopped us. "Hey you guys were on my flight down," she said. "He did so much better this flight!" It was the same flight attendant that had offered us the juice. I guess we'd made an impression. J Let's hope it was an overall good one.
Well, our first flight with a small child is under our belts and we feel like world travelers. Last week as we lugged all of our stuff through the airport, we discussed that we weren't anxious to be world travelers again – anytime soon that is.

-Up tomorrow: Torture – Take Two…We're going to attempt a second Upper-GI study tomorrow at three. We could definitely use some prayers that the study would be conclusive this time so that we can stop torturing Elijah (and ourselves).


Rich said...

Great job Elijah...
I've been doing traveling of my own for my Orientation and Mobility lessons. I've been riding the bus, and then the train into Philly... Then we walk the streets with my instructor Elaine... Been doing this every Wednesday. Lots of fun, a little scarry... because now, we're working the streets of Philly... And I'm no city boy!

I hope some day I can learn to travel good enough to see some of my blog friends, like you... And maybe by then, I'll have a guide dog!

Mom can read all about my trips and training on my blog. Keep up the good work! =)

kate hopper said...

I'm so glad it went well! He even looks like a pro--I love his face in the first photo.

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