Thursday, June 5, 2008

Successful Surgery and New Glasses

I’m feeling a bit sorry for myself when I think about the fact that I’ve had three surgeries within a ten month amount of time (c-section, two leg surgeries). I’m kind of sick of surgeries and the recovery time that they entail, but I also know things could be much worse.

I’ll stop bellyaching, because the surgery went really well. The surgeon got the “abnormal” cells in the first sweep, so that was great. The nature of Mohs surgery is that they take a small section of the affected skin, look at it under a microscope while you wait, and then take more if necessary. So, getting it all the first time was the best possible outcome. Thank you so, so much for the prayers. I know that God was looking out for me and it helps that you all were thinking of me too. :)

In other news, Elijah got his glasses yesterday...and they’re already broken...seriously. They broke within a few hours. I don’t think it was anything we did to them and we’ve got new ones on the way. Hopefully it was just a fluke. He did look really cute in them and we have a duct tape version until we get his new frames. :)

A few things I’ve learned today....
-If you’re waiting for a wound on your body to be closed, by all means, avoid the urge to look at it.
-Having a surgery isn’t the best way to get a “day off.”

Anyway, I’ll stop feeling sorry for myself. Life is good. Thanks again for the prayers!


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