Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Our spring break is over and it’s been an interesting week so far. The last few nights Elijah has woken up numerous times. It has left us wondering (again!) if he is teething and we have yet to see any teeth. Or he might have a slight cold because he has been spitting up a lot. It seems to be more than usual, but Elijah is usually quite the champion spit-upper. So, who knows?

I pondered skipping our infant class this week (because of the lack of sleep the night before), but decided at the last moment to jump in the car and go. I was glad we went because Elijah was a really good boy and seemed to have fun. Therefore, I had fun too.

Elijah’s Occupational Therapist came over today and we were glad to see her after missing her last week. She said Elijah did a great job today. He did fantastic with his visual attention to faces and to his toy. I also showed her how I’ve been able to get Elijah to prop on his hands and knees (as in a crawling stance). He can do it with very little support. I told her how excited I was about him being able to do that and she said something like, “You should be! That’s awesome!” It was a really good visit and Elijah continues to improve.

One thing our OT said today struck me. She mentioned that it seems like we talk about things and then Elijah is doing them by the next week. All I have to say is keep those prayers coming! He’s doing great. :)


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