Wednesday, April 30, 2008

It has Been a Bad News/Great News Kind of Week

First the bad news...Elijah definitely has allergies. He had a reaction on Monday that really scared us. While he has had minor reactions to food before, it was never enough to really make us worry.

It was confusing as to why he had the reaction at all. The weird thing was that he had had the item in question (Gerber 2nd Foods Dessert - Hawaiian Delight...if you’re curious) once before with no adverse affects. I gave Elijah a few spoonfuls of the dessert and it was kind of funny because he acted like he didn’t like it. I thought, “That’s my boy...loves his green beans, but hates dessert.” Within minutes Elijah’s face got all blotchy and his upper chest all red. He was breathing fine and acting normally, so we weren’t too concerned, but it was still scary. We called the clinic and we’re going in two weeks early for Elijah’s nine month check-up. That means we’ll see Elijah’s pediatrician tomorrow morning and they’ll run some blood tests to see what he is allergic to. Hopefully armed with this knowledge, we can avoid any more allergic reactions. Right now, it just seems like one more thing to worry about.

In the great news department...Elijah is doing MUCH better with sitting. I think I can safely say that Elijah is sitting unassisted for a few minutes at a time as of yesterday. I placed the boppy pillow behind him in case he fell, but it wasn’t giving him any support. Granted, I can’t really leave his side as he easily falls over, but believe me, it’s very exciting! I felt like I was floating yesterday, so happy that Elijah is making such obvious progress.

I had a dream last night that I was trying to teach Elijah to crawl and then he just took off crawling down the hallway. This is the second time I’ve had a dream where Elijah was mobile (last time he was running around the house) and while I don’t put much credence on dreams, I think it’s my subconscious saying I believe that he really is going to get there and that he’s on the right track.

Today was Early Intervention and we had three women in our house visiting Elijah...his usual OT, a teacher, and the Vision Consultant. The Vision Consultant performed a vision test and Elijah seemed to do well. Not as good as he should for his age, but he definitely looked at things and even batted at one of the things. Elijah’s OT seemed very pleased with how well Elijah is doing. She thought he seemed more relaxed today in his trunk and like he was in better control of his body. I may be wrong, but every week his OT just seems so incredibly happy about the progress Elijah is making and how fast he is progressing. She said again today that it seems like we talk about things one week and the next week Elijah is doing them. Yes, we’re working hard, but I also know God is answering prayers. Elijah is sitting! That is AMAZING! He got there and much quicker than even I expected. He’s got a ways to go before I can just set him down and walk away, but wow...he really is getting there! Thanks for the prayers!

I’m sure I’ll have an update tomorrow about Elijah’s visit to the pediatrician with a weight update. Stay tuned. :)


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