Thursday, April 17, 2008

Another Tooth, More Sleep, Happiness

Things have been busy in this Wagner household lately. Overall life is marvelous and our days are spent with lots of smiles and lots of laughter.

First of all, sleep has been much better for Elijah which, of course, makes such a huge difference. He now has two teeth poking through, both on the bottom, which has made it possible for him (and us) to sleep again. I just hope he keeps it up!

Elijah just seems older to me lately. He is becoming more and more attentive and stronger day by day. I have been aching for him to sit up on his own, but he’s getting there and I remind myself to be grateful for all the things he is doing. His eye contact has improved drastically and it’s so encouraging. I know that Elijah is behind on the charts, but I continue to believe that he will catch up. I have to.

Elijah is just so full of laughs and giggles that it’s hard to be discouraged. He has been so good for me this week. He was excellent for his Infant Class on Tuesday. I think he actually enjoyed himself and hardly fussed at all. Other babies actually fussed more than he did - that was a first!

Elijah was also good for his OT this week. She said she thought he gave her the best eye contact she’s ever seen from him. She brought us this awesome “feeding chair” that we’ve been using and he seems to love it. She also left us a therapy ball, which he also seems to just love. I think our OT is just great and it’s so wonderful to see him interact with her. He just adores her and I think the feeling is mutual. J It seems to me that Elijah makes improvements every single week. Sometimes it’s hard for me to see them because I’m standing too close. I have to step back, like I’m observing an impressionist painting, and watch from a distance. Sometimes life is more beautiful that way.

Overall, that’s what we’ve been up to in this household. We’re enjoying lots of smiles and lots of giggles. I hope you are too.


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