Sunday, September 1, 2013

From the Rooftops

This needs to be shouted from the rooftops:

Elijah peed on the toilet six times today.

Six times, you guys. And no accidents (other than the wet diaper he woke up with this morning). That's a lot.

Oh, I used to say to myself I'd never post about potty usage. But that, my friends, has been thrown out the window. This is a hard-won victory for Elijah. This is a long time coming. This is a battle we've been waging for a while now. I am on the roof shouting for joy, praising God, doing a little jig. Can you hear us? We're been on the rooftop all day.

He's getting it! He's getting it! He's getting it! It's like something clicked for Elijah today.

I think Elijah has realized how awesome it is to use the bathroom (and how great it is that he gets to wash his hands every single time he goes, a huge reinforcer for him). And we can only hope that this continues tomorrow and the day after and so on...
Happy about washing his hands
Our six year old used the bathroom six times today. Six is my new favorite number.


Unknown said...

you go elijah!!!! my 11 year old daughter with cp and i are still working on potty training... i , like you , just know she can do it!! and she is doing it most days!! have a great labor day! anne in ny

Grandpa Dennis said...

I am impressed.
A huge accomplishment, and praying he will continue.
Some day he will just start talking.

Mumsie said...

Yes! Shout it from the rooftops! Our little Elijah is going on the potty! Elijah, I'm proud of you! Love, Nana

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