Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Big Kid

Elijah started kindergarten today.
How did this kid get to be so big?
He did great on his first day and we're excited to see what this year will bring.

And potty training? He's still being a rock star. He went 7 times on day two, no accidents. Day three (today) he went 7 times again with two accidents when we left the house. He really is getting this thing! Still shouting on that rooftop!
When I told him to "give me a smile." :)
Elijah is getting to be such a big kid.


Anonymous said...

He is so precious. Thanks for posting. I love sharing Elijah's journey.
Nancy Arnold

Mumsie said...

Our little "big" kid...Elijah. You will be learning all kinds of new things at school. We love you so much! Nana

Christina O said...

Awesome! :)

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