Wednesday, April 13, 2011

For This Three Year Old

Tonight, standing in my kitchen, I heard something hit the floor with a little plop.
It was a tiny little spoon.
You see, while Elijah has been opening and closing our drawers for awhile now and has been startling me with his whoosh-slams, he never took anything out of the drawers. That is, until tonight. He stuck his little hand in the drawer and soon there were all sorts of measuring spoons and Elijah-sized forks on the floor. 
While I know this is probably going to get annoying in about two days, at this this moment I'm thrilled. I think I've been hoping for Elijah to dig in my cabinets since he could walk. This is what kids do, people. It's one of those quintessential things I've heard parents complain about...their kids digging in their cupboards. And therein lies one of the blessings in parenting a child with special needs - hoping for and rejoicing in these things that I definitely would have taken for granted otherwise. 
I know this is old news for most three year olds, but it's a big deal for this three-year-old. And, well, you'd better believe we're proud that our kitchen floor is covered in spoons.


rc45 said...

Way to go Elijah. You are really beginning to mature in your mind.
Reggie Warren

Unknown said...

Awesome! I hope I get to see you all soon!

Erika said...

Ooops - Benjamin is actually Erika!

sugarmagnolia70 said...

I LOVE this post! Things that most parents take for granted...well, we know better, don't we? I didn't hear my daughter's voice literally until her first birthday, due her her tracheostomy. People would complain about their kids crying, and I would have given ANYTHING to hear her cry! Enjoy your spoons...seems like he'll soon be tearing your house apart! :)

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