Thursday, March 10, 2011


My kitchen looks a lot like this these days. Drawers and cabinets are always askew. 
Why would it be like this? 

Because our little man has learned a new skill - the opening and closing of things. I hear whoosh-SLAM, whoosh-SLAM multiple times a day. It's his obsession, a new exciting skill. 
And although I'm getting kind of sick of hearing my drawers slam multiple times a day, I am really proud of the little dude.  He's got skills, yo.


Kathy said...

Yo, Elijah, I like how you like to change things up a bit. This week it's the draws and cupboards. Next week - who knows? You keep us guessing. All I know is that I'm proud of yo. :) Love GrammaKat

Grandpa Dennis said...

I do that alot these days, myself. Can't remember where anything is.
Next skill should be throwing everything on the floor.

Just trying to help out.
Wd-40 is a important thing to have around.

sugarmagnolia70 said...

You should be proud! I think it's important to remember, when it gets annoying, how GREAT it is!!!

ParkerMama said...

Woot! Elijah and Parker should get together. :)

Tammy and Parker

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