Sunday, May 2, 2010

Pablo, Vincent, Elijah

I've always loved art, so I have been a little sad that Elijah has showed no interest in drawing. I'd try to show him how, encourage him, help him, but he just didn't care.  Me: If I have a pen and some paper, I will doodle.

A couple of months ago, though, Elijah became interested and he started to draw.  I was (and am) so excited.

It's difficult for Elijah to bend his hand in the correct position to draw, so I hold him by his arm to help him get the marker in position. The movement of his arm and the marks he makes are all him, though.  I just give him the opportunity to create.

I think I'm as proud of him as I would be if he were Pablo Picasso or Vincent Van Gogh.  In fact, probably more so.  I mean, Van Gogh has some incredibly beautiful paintings (he's my favorite artist), but he did cut off his own ear.  So already Elijah has a few more points than good ol' Vincent.  Well, that and the fact that he's my son.  That scores some major points indeed. 

I'm pretty sure these are Elijah's titles for his art-pieces, from the top down:
#1: Daddy's brain
#2 My hair in the morning
#3: Daddy's brain (edited)
#4: I love you

Yep, I think we have an artist in training. Or a doodler like his mom.  Either way, I'm thrilled.


Candace said...

Oh Lisa, an artist youn have! Now you have to worry about crayons on the wall....LOL! You better invest in some colorwonder markers! Just teasing ya!

Anonymous said...

This is impressive, Lisa! Love that you have him drawing on an easel! If the angle of the surface is adjustable (how far apart the legs are) try different angles to see if some are easier for him. I bet you are able to fade your support to his arm - soon?

Love the titles for his works, too!


Kathy Lausted said...

I loved seeing Pablo Elijah's art renditions. I know how much joy it brings to you, Lisa. It brings me such joy to see the leanings of Vincent Elijah coming out. Elijah is such a wonderful kid. He does so well especially since he does have limitations. Most of us would not have the patience that he has. He tries so hard. Keep up the good work, Mr. Elijah. We love you, GramKat

Mo said...


sugar magnolia said...

Love it! You should totally frame some and hang them up!

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