Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Why Feeding Your Kids Unhealthy Things is a Good Thing

This past weekend we had a bonfire in our backyard.  And Elijah ate a roasted marshmallow for the first time ever.  I know what you might be thinking...marshmallows are unhealthy.  And you'd be right. What you might not be thinking is that eating a marshmallow is a major accomplishment.  
It is.  An accomplishment, that is.
Last year Elijah wasn't able to bite off a piece of something and eat it.
But now he is.
His repertoire of foods is growing. And we're really happy about that...even if it is a marshmallow. I've also been known to rejoice over the consumption of french fries.  Because even though some foods aren't the healthiest options, they give Elijah new sensations and experiences and as a result he grows. He learns.  It might motivate him to self-feed (after he ate the marshmallow, he kept grabbing my hand and pulling it to his mouth! He's never done that before).
  Besides, this kid eats better than any two year old I know.  He doesn't ask me for cheetos or soda or pizza.  He doesn't even know those things exist.
I never knew I would be happy about the consumption of unhealthy food, but I am.  Then again, there are a lot of things I never knew.  


Janet said...

You two look soooo happy eating those yummy marshmallows! Awesome!

sugar magnolia said...

I love it! My daughter, who has a feeding tube (soon to be removed!) eats a wide range of both healthy and unhealthy foods. And when she wants cookies more than anything? I don't care. She's eating, which is more than she did for a long time. That is so great about Elijah---now, you have to introduce him to the wonders of s'mores!

Jen Boehm said...

These pictures of the two of you are precious!!! LOVE IT!!!

Kathy Lausted said...

Elijah, How fun! Wish I could have been there with you and your mom and dad roasting marshmallows. You have a great back yard to explore. What adventures you will have there. Love you, GrammaKat

Mo said...

So sweet and worth celebrating for sure, healthy or not. I call it progress!

Mommy K said...

Lisa, I was wondering if I could ask a few questions about Elijah as an infant. My daughter is 7 months and every doctor acts as if they can't tell me anything about her future. I understand brains heal differently and everyone is different, but it would be nice to hear about another person's story with specifics. I read about lots of different outcomes, but I know nothing about what they were like as an infant or when they hit their milestones. My daughters has microcephaly and I don't know when other people's kids' heads started growing. When other kids held their head up. When they sat up, started playing with toys, started babbling. I was wondering if you'd be willing to tell me little more about Elijah. Thanks.


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