Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Dear Elijah,

We spend between 12-14 hours a day together. I love spending time with you, playing with you, and being your mom. But, do we really need to hang out at night time too? Was it really necessary for you to get up 4 times last night? I mean, I like to see you and all, but not at three in the morning. You will be two and HALF in a couple of days. I like to sleep, perhaps as your mom I can teach you the joys of sleeping. It's really fun, actually. So, do you think you could work on it? Try to stay in your bed and sleep until it's time to get up in the morning. That'd be great, thanks!
Love, Mom


Candace said...

Oh no,
I am right there with you, even after 6 years! Since Faith started melatonin, last year, she has been better but she still wakes a few times a night. ARGGGGGG...Sending a nap via blogger, LOL!

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