Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Sleep Study - Tomorrow

I am so not looking forward to tomorrow. Tomorrow morning (the 29th), at 11 am, Elijah's sleep study starts. Yes, his sleep study starts in the morning. That's because he's having a Polysonogram Study AND a Esophageal Reflux Study. Sounds fun, doesn't it?

To start off the day, Elijah's going to have a tube (sensor) placed into his esophagus through his nose. I am feeling sad about this already. He's not going to like it (um, neither would I!) and I'm not going to like watching it either.

I just finished packing Elijah's and my overnight bag for the hospital. It's a weird sensation packing for a night at the hospital. I wish I was packing for a fun excursion - like a water park...Elijah would like that. The overnight excursion we are going on...I'm pretty sure Elijah isn't going to like it.

But, of course, I'm aching for some answers to his sleep issues. We need to get this resolved and so I'm anxious to get this study over with.

There's a lot of reasons that I dread this experience. The memories it stirs up is certainly one reason; I'm not exactly looking forward to seeing our little man attached to a whole bunch of wires, which will definitely remind me of darker NICU days. But, the thing that makes me the most nervous is the fact that Elijah won't be able to move very much. This little man loves to walk and he loves movement. If he's not walking, he'd like to be in a swing or in a stroller. 18 hours of watching movies, reading books, playing with toys (and hopefully sleeping) while sitting in a crib is not Elijah's idea of fun. Really, though, what (almost) two year old would find staying in bed all day fun? Add that to Elijah's visual issues and his fine motor delays and it seems kind of like torture. And mommy? She's not going to be able to save him. And that's going to see like torture too.

We covet your prayers for tomorrow. Keep us in your thoughts and prayers, because I'm pretty sure the only way we'll get through the next day and night is if God grants Elijah a calm spirit (and me too!).


Erika said...

I will keep you in my prayers for everything tomorrow and answers too!

Anonymous said...

It breaks this Grandpa's heart. Just a week ago today I went thru that experience for only 9 hours and it was not fun and I didn't have anything stuck down my throat. I pretty much have been thinking about Elijah ever since and feeling bad about it.
I have been praying about it but wish,somehow,I could do it for him. God will give you the strength Lisa, as He continues to do so, with this whole experience.
Love Dad

Anonymous said...

Ditto from me! We'll be thinking of you in our prayers! Love, MomKat

Lisa said...

Thanks to all of you. :)

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