Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Fourth, the Fifth, Camping and Cousins

We've been having a lot of fun in Elijahland lately, which is the main reason for the lack of updates lately. I wanted to share some highlights from the month of July: The Fourth, our Fifth Anniversary, our week camping and a trip to meet Elijah's new cousin, Eden.

The photo is from our first day camping, which was also the day Elijah turned 23 months old. The photo is indicative of our boy these days - always moving.

We had a fun Independence Day, celebrating with sparklers and a campfire in our backyard. Elijah wasn't so sure about the sparklers.

July 11th was our fifth anniversary (hard to believe it's been that long)! To celebrate, we spent our first weekend away from the little dude (Elijah hung out with Grandpa Dennis and Grandma Kathy). It was really good for us to get away and reflect on the last five years. We stayed at a bed and breakfast (a first for us!), pretended we were kids again, and talked about Elijah - a lot. Mostly, though, we just relaxed and got some much needed sleep.

After our weekend away, we packed up for a week of camping with family. We all had a blast.

Daddy and Grandpa got to go fishing...

Elijah went swimming...

Elijah, Grandpa John, Grandma Teri, and cousin Henry.

Elijah, his parents (that's be us!), aunties, uncle, and cousin Henry.

It is possible that Elijah got lots of love and kisses.

After our week of camping, we took a short trip to meet Eden, Elijah's two week old cousin...
The happy family of three :)

Andy, me, Elijah and cousin Eden. She's so cute! (Oh, and excuse my cheesy grin. Thanks).
We've been busy lately and having a lot of fun. I think we might stay home for awhile, though.


Michelle said...

So much Summer fun! Isn't it hard to believe that your little guy is almost 2?
I have to admit, I am jealous that you were able to get away together alone for your anniversary. It sounds heavenly!

Anonymous said...

LOVE camping!


Lisa said...

I can't believe Elijah will be two in about a week. What?!

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