Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Famous Boy Times Three

Elijah made his third appearance in a newspaper today! This time he made it into the Star News, our local newspaper. It was awesome to see his little face in the paper again and we loved that they put so many photos in with the article. Now everyone can see how cute he is. We're thankful for the exposure - not only for Elijah and his miraculous story, but also for HBOT. Perhaps someone else will look into it and be helped by it. (If you want to see the online version, click here).

It hasn't escaped us that the article just came out today and is already outdated. Who knew that when we gave the interview about two weeks ago – that he would be walking by the time it was published? I –for one – am in still in shock that Elijah is walking. I have to pinch myself when I turn around and find our boy not only standing, but then walking away from me. I often have to drop whatever I am doing to follow him. It's crazy fun and I feel so blessed.

Speaking of crazy fun, it's been so amusing to show off Elijah's new walking skills to his therapists this week. We saw Elijah's D.O., Dr. Loafer, today and he called Elijah's walking "amazing." Yesterday was Elijah's clinic-based therapy and his PT and OT were blown away.

His OT was excited and I was thrilled when Elijah actually took some pegs out of board by himself. His fine motor skills remain the most delayed and we're hoping that once Elijah gets bored with walking, he will focus more on using his hands to grab and his mouth to speak.

Then we saw Elijah's PT. I set Elijah on the floor and said, "Do you want to see Elijah's new trick?" His PT was in shock when he not only took steps, but started walking around the room. She kept saying, "That is UNBELIEVABLE!" She admitted that she hadn't expected Elijah to be walking independently for quite awhile. She was impressed with his ability to turn while walking; "That's hard," she said. She also told me that most kids when they start walking take a couple of months to get into standing by themselves and he's doing it already! She told me all sorts of encouraging things, like she's never really worked with a child quite like Elijah. She also said that none of the rules seem to apply to Elijah. She watched Elijah walk around the room and told me that his walking looks great – that he looks like any other kid would look when taking steps and when he gets himself into standing. I think she was utterly shocked and amazed at this huge change in his development and told us, "Congratulations" when we left for home.

I wish I would've gotten some of those reactions this week on video! It's been a great week for our famous little guy.


Anonymous said...

You know what? I may be prejudiced but I don't think there is another child quite like Elijah. Stay the course little man, you are doing great. Love from Grandpa Dennis

Rich said...

Cool Elijah... I'f you've not seen my friend Cole's web site you should hop over and look, he's famous too; to say the least. He speaks for Canine Companions for Independence, and was featured in some articles for LA Orthopedic... He was also on the the TV show "My Life as a Child" on TLC a few ears ago...

Ilia his Skilled Companion Dog, won the 2008 ASPCA Dog of the Year. Check him out:

I think the more press for causes like this the better!!!

Anonymous said...

Lisa, Andy and Elijah,

Hello, my name is Mindy Dahlberg and I was given an article to read today by my mother in law. Elijah is a truly amazing little boy.

My son Brecken was born on August 27, 2007 by emergency c-section because I was having a hard time breathing. When he was born he was not breathing and was air lifted to Children's Hospital in Minneapolis, where he spent 5 weeks between the NICU and ICC. We probably walked by each other in the halls at Children's...
Brecken also suffered from seizures right after birth. Brecken under went brain cooling to help prevent any further brain damage.

At 3 days old, he was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. Brecken is now 17 months old and has not crawled, walked or talked. Brecken has a feeding tube to supplement his calories, as he is not a great eater. He also has physical therapy twice a week, feeding therapy, OT & special education once a week. With all of his doctor appointments, therapy and working a full time job, I have not had a lot of time to do research into the HBOT.

My husband Jason and I would love to meet you and your family. If you are willing to, please email me at or you can visit Brecken's Caringbridge site at and you enter breckendahlberg and this will take you to his page.

Keep up the great work!!

Ellen Seidman said...

That is just great!!! I am proud for you!
Max has been in newspapers several times. Like Elijah, he's cute, and makes for a good photo!
GOOOOO, Elijah!

Anonymous said...

Hello! I live in Zimmerman, and saw your son in the paper. Amazing!

Our son was born in May of 2006 and through a difficult delivery, was born and then cried alot. They ambulanced him to Childrens for tests. They found nothing wrong, so after 5 days we took him home. At his year appt, they said we should go to specialist to see why he was clenching his left hand alot and not sitting alone or walking. They said he had a small area in his brain that has brain fluid that shouldn't and that's making it hard for him to do those things. They say he has CP because they haven't seen a case just like his, so it's close enough to CP. He has very tight muscles in his legs, and has had one Botox treatment, with another in March. He isn't walking on his own, only knee walking and, walking between the couches in our living room he will walk alone. He has PT, and speech weekly. We are very interested in HBOT. Could you give me more info on it? I'm not sure if it's for our son, but as a mother, I have to look into everything!! Congratulations on all your son has and will overcome!! With God ALL things are possible!!! Blessings, Maureen

Anonymous said...

OOPS!! Forgot to include my e-mail!! Maureens e-mail if you want to send me more info on HBOT is

Lisa said...

Thanks for the comments everyone! I know this is a delayed response, but it really does mean a lot to me.
Dad- I'm pleased that you are making comments on Elijahland! I agree, Elijah is amazing, and yes, we're both biased. :)
Rich-I checked out Cole's site. He seems to be one amazing little guy with an amazing companion in Ilia.
Mindy- Thanks for contacting us. I really enjoyed talking to last weekend. I'm glad we've "met".
Ellen-Thanks so much for cheering on Elijah!
Maureen- Let me know if you want any more info from me. I hope I was of some help to you!

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