Monday, February 16, 2009

Eighteen Months

Little man turned a year and a half this past Saturday and once again I am in disbelief that another month has passed us by (I know, I know…I say that every month!).

Here are some tidbits about our one-and-a-half year old…

Walking and Exploring

Elijah is walking/half running all over the place. Now that the novelty of walking has worn off a little; Elijah is stopping more to experience the world around him. He will catch sight of a toy and stop to play with it momentarily. I can't even begin to describe the amount of joy I experience watching him explore the world around him.
Elijah is even starting to be naughty at times. He likes to play with the vertical blinds that hang in front of our patio door and watch them sway back and forth. Today he pulled off the towel that was hanging on the front of our oven and he likes to pull papers off of our coffee table. I can't help but rejoice over these things. The fact that he is capable of being "naughty" is a fantastic thing. Besides, he's not really being bad. He is simply exploring and learning about his world and I'm certainly not going to hold him back from learning. It's funny the things you will rejoice over when you don't know what your child will be able to do. Believe me, I am rejoicing!

Fine Motor Skills Improving
Elijah also seems to be improving in his fine motor skills. He walks over to walls and windows and touches them with both of his hands OPEN, which is so awesome. The more he walks, the more he seems to use his hands. I was even able to get him to rub his spoon on his lips a few times during meal time (and even put it in his mouth once!), which gave me renewed hope that Elijah will one day be able to feed himself. He will also pick toys up once in awhile on his own. Slowly but surely, his fine motor skills are plugging along too.

I think that Elijah has said "mom" a handful of times, but it has been so rare that I question if it really happened. So, we're still waiting for speech. I do think he is starting to make an "mmmm" sound during mealtime when he wants milk. And although he doesn't have any words, he definitely communicates with us in other ways and can understand a lot of what we are saying.

The Most Wonderful thing in the World!

I think my favorite thing that Elijah does now is walks over to me and raises his hands to have me pick him up. It makes me melt every single time. He'll be playing when he catches sight of me, gets excited, and walks to me laughing, holding his arms out to come and get me. Knowing that he loves me in this way is the most rewarding thing in the world. It's equally rewarding watching Elijah greet his dad at the door when Andy gets home from work, raising his arms up in anticipation of being held by his beloved daddy.

At eighteen months, I think the best word I'd use to describe our life with Elijah would be: fun. Oh, and challenging. He can be quite uncooperative at times…but I really wouldn't have it any other way.


Michelle said...

18 months is such a big milestone! There really is nothing better than when your sweet little guy opens up his arms with glee to be held by you (or your hubby). I have to agree that it is one of the best feelings ever!
Oh, and I wouldn't worry about Elijah feeding himself - Weston is turning two in a week, and he stinks at using silverware. I still let him eat as much as possible with his hands because it is so much easier!
He's been saying "mamamamamammama" for a long time, and I STILL don't know if he knows that it means "mom," or if he just think it sounds fun to say. Oh well. It's still fun to hear. :)
Isn't it amazing how their life opens up when they can walk all over the place exploring? So much fun!

Lisa said...

Thanks for the comment Michelle. You're really encouraging. It's good for me to realize that while Elijah is "behind", he's still plugging along and has more in common with his peers than not.
And, yes, it is so incredible how different Elijah's life (and ours) is now that he can walk. It's great!

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