Sunday, January 11, 2009


Elijah never ceases to amaze us.

Tonight, Elijah conquered another milestone. This time, both Andy and I were able to witness it and we looked at each other with wonder. “Isn’t this amazing?” Andy said, with a twinkle in his eye. I nodded.

So, what did the boy of wonder do? He pulled himself to stand!

Tonight Andy and I stood at the edge of Elijah’s crib and watched as he reached up, grabbed the crib with both hands, held on and pulled himself into a standing position. Of course, there was clapping and praise as we watched our amazing boy.

I can’t explain how exciting it is. Since his arms have been the part of his body that has been the slowest to develop, it’s phenomenal that he is able to do something that requires so much proficiency with his hands.

What can I say other than “amazing!”


Karen said...

Thats great Lisa!! He is probably thinking how great it is that Mum and Dad clap and cheer for him, when he is just being the wonder boy that he is...wait til he learns to write, aces a test or graduates with a degree...imagine the clapping and cheering then!! Love you guys

Anonymous said...

Wow! BIG MAN ELIJAH... great job. Keep it up.

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