Friday, November 14, 2008

Elijah is 15 Months Old Today!

Elijah is keeping me really busy, which of course is a good thing. He loves to walk around and since he still needs my assistance to do so, I’m walking around our house a lot. Every day Elijah gets stronger and gets closer to walking unassisted. He does great in his walker and has learned how to hold on with his hands. He loves it and gets this “I’m doing it!” expression on his face. It’s so great to see and is pretty amazing since he’s had the walker for less than two weeks.
In therapy this week, the clinic based PT said she thought Elijah was close to crawling. And when I showed our school OT Elijah’s walking skills in his walker, she said, “Lisa, I’m so impressed!” Needless to say, his therapists are happy to see all of the progress he is making. I expect to be chasing a little man around my house soon and I can’t wait!

Family Fun Night
Last night Andy, Elijah and I went to a Family Fun Night for families involved in Early Intervention. It was really nice to talk with some other parents and meet some new people. Plus, Elijah was the center of attention as he barreled through the gym in his walker. He is such a miracle.

Fifteen months going on two?
Apparently, our 15-month-old miracle thinks he is two. He’s been having temper tantrums on a daily basis. At first, I was so thrilled. Here he is doing something so typical, that I’d usually just smile to myself with sheer joy. Now the novelty is starting to wear off since he throws a temper tantrum whenever he doesn’t get his way (which is often). It’s like he’s finally discovered that he can move and he doesn’t want anyone to stop him. I can’t say I blame him, but it’s impossible for him to be mobile whenever he wants. Inevitably I need a break sometimes, he needs diaper changes, and he needs to ride in the car. I hope he’s able to understand that he can’t always get his way soon because the full blown screaming episodes are getting old. Most of all, though, he is the same little joy he’s always been and I’m glad that he’s getting frustrated. It means that his cognitive skills are developing and for that, I am grateful.

News Story about Hyperbarics
NBC 15 in Madison, WI published a story yesterday about a family doing hyperbarics at the same clinic we treated Elijah (Wisconsin Integrated Hyperbarics). Andy added the video to his blog, so check it out at You can see the chambers that we took Elijah in and see a little of what we experienced while we were there. It’s a tear-jerker, so grab the Kleenex.

Have a great weekend! Love, Eli and his folks


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