Monday, November 24, 2008

Appointments Update

Dr. Positive
Last Thursday, Elijah had his fifteen month check-up with his Pediatrician, Dr. Positive. It was a pretty uneventful appointment, which is definitely nice.

So are you wondering about his stats? For those of you who are interested in such things…Elijah now weighs 21 lbs. 3.5 oz., which puts him in about the 10th percentile in the weight-for-age category. This is an improvement from his last appointment, where he was getting close to the 5th percentile and causing us some worry. He is 32 in. long, which puts him in the 75th percentile in the length-for-age category (a tall fellow, indeed!). His head circumference is still at about 42 cm, which is of course in the negative percentiles. He is following his own curve, however, and his head seems to continue to grow. Oh, how we ache, though, to see his head measurement fall into the curves for “normal”. We’ll keep giving that one to God to take care of.

At the end of our uneventful appointment, Dr. Positive (staying true to his nickname) said, “He’s doing great you guys.” And he is.

Dr. Loafer
Elijah saw his D.O., Dr. Loafer, on Friday. Elijah dislikes lying down to have his head manipulated, but he’s fairly cooperative. At least he’s not screaming at the top of his lungs the whole time! I don’t know if the manipulations are helping at this point (it’s certainly too early to tell), but Andy and I both feel like the shape in the back of his head has improved and become more round. Either way, we think it’s worth the time and the effort to try it out. And, Dr. Loafer, now that we see him every other week, has struck me as a kind, considerate, quiet, unassuming man. Those are good qualities to have when you trust someone to work on your child’s skull.

A New Nickname
Tomorrow we’re taking Elijah to a dietician for the first time. (Uh-oh…another nickname?!) We thought it might be wise to get some advice as to what we should be feeding Elijah. We want to make sure he’s getting everything he needs and his situation does complicate things. For one, he doesn’t pick things up or feed himself yet. Secondly, while he can chew, he’s inconsistent and chokes on his food often. And third, he’s allergic to milk, eggs, and peanuts. I find myself a little overwhelmed as to what he should eat. Honestly, he’s probably one of the healthiest 15-month-olds there is. He mostly eats fruits, veggies, rice cereal, and some meats…all organic. He doesn’t know that there’s a world of junk food out there…yet.

In Summary…
Outside of the world of appointments, Elijah is doing well. He wants to walk, he’s incredibly close to crawling, and he likes to stay up in the middle of the night like a rock star (okay, so the sleep part isn’t going so well…). He’s a joy and we’re forever grateful that he’s ours. I hope you are all having a good (short!) week.

Love, Lisa and her boys


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