Wednesday, December 12, 2007

We got up bright and early to go to Elijah’s eye doctor this morning. And, whoops, we were late. I hate being late. Oh well, life is sometimes unpredictable with a baby. Things went well and they didn’t see any foreseeable problems. (heehee) He does converge when he looks at his hands, but that isn’t technically being cross-eyed. So why was I worried? Hmm, I guess because I’m a mom. :)
Elijah is far-sighted and has astigmatism. Even though I watched everything they did, I’m not really sure how they determine that. Anyway, that is fairly normal since babies have limited sight (their sight matures a bit once they’re one year old). The pediatric eye doc was really nice. She wants to see Elijah again in 8 weeks to check on him since he does have risk factors for sight problems. So, there’s another appointment to add to his myriad of doctor visits. I’m starting to think doctors just want to see him because he’s so cute. Ha!
Grandma Kathy is visiting us for the rest of the week. The three of us went shopping for a little while after the appointment. We had lunch together and I really enjoyed spending quality time with my mom and my little man. After shopping, we headed home for Early Intervention’s visit.
The visit with Early Intervention went really well too. They had nothing but positive things to say. Elijah really seems to like these ladies and really responds to them. He had OT and PT work with him and they gave me good tips on how to guide his development. I feel so blessed to have this training, because essentially that is what it is…training for me to teach Elijah. They saw how he was able to sit supporting himself with his arms and I was so pleased. I asked if that is good developmentally and our OT said, “For a four month old, yes!” My little man is not only doing well, he is doing fantastic! It warms my heart when they say things like, “Look at his head control.” “He’s doing great on tummy time.” "He really knows his mom." It’s hard to worry when you have so much positive feedback. He continues to not show any developmental delays and I’m so grateful.
The longer I live, the more I realize I need to give my worries over to God. To me, it has been so obvious He has answered an incredible amount of prayers for my little man. I’m sure those of you who continue to read this journal see it as well. What an amazing, amazing thing to witness! It was a good day, can you tell? :)
Thanks once again for the prayers. God continues to answer and we are so blessed. Please keep the prayers coming, specifically that Elijah’s head grows.


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