Tuesday, December 4, 2007

It snowed again today and it’s so beautiful. Sometimes I abhor the winter, but on days like today when I can stay inside and cuddle with Elijah, I just love it. It’s like being inside of a snow globe! (It’s a bummer, though, that Andy has to drive in it since it took him longer to get home).
No one likes a complainer. Well, except for when Elijah does it. It’s so cute! When Elijah gets tired these days, he complains. He doesn’t really cry; he just talks about it, like he’s telling me how mad he is about still being awake. It’s the cutest thing ever!
And tonight, Elijah giggled. He has giggled before, but tonight he did a little string of them together and it was more than he’s ever done before. Andy and I just looked at each other and got these big smiles on our faces. “He’s such a good boy!” Andy said and I agreed. Elijah has always laughed more for Andy than for me. Apparently Andy’s funnier, even though I dance around and make funny faces constantly. Perhaps that’s why Elijah doesn’t laugh at me…he knows I’m a weirdo all the time. :)
Elijah also rolled over again tonight, so I was really excited. He’ll kind of fall over from a propped up position, so that his lower body is still face down, but his upper body is on its side. From there, he’ll kick his leg over to get on his back. I was really encouraging him to do it and actually got down on the floor to show him how. I have no idea if he was even watching me, but he kicked his leg over all by himself and did seem pleased with himself. I know I must seem like an obsessive parent, (aren’t all parents a little obsessive! J) but it’s such a relief when he does things that he’s supposed to be doing in the age range he’s supposed to do them. Then I can check it off of the list and let out a sigh of relief. Anyway, time to stop obsessing and time for bed!


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