Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Andy and I went on an getaway last month to celebrate our 7th anniversary, spending five nights away from the namesake of this little blog. So, while I know this is a blog about Elijah, today it's going to be about the two of us - the two parental units who govern this place called Elijahland.  Today I shall call this blog Lindyland (see what I did there...Lisa +Andy = Lindy. I know you're all amazed by my creativeness).

The past four years have largely been focused on Elijah and rightly so. But, it was time for Andy and I to get away and remember what it was like to be a couple. It was lovely. I came home feeling healthier physically and emotionally than I had in a long, long time.

So, while I felt guilty for leaving, it turns out we all survived our separation. The guilt wore off and we had an amazing time away.

When we got home, Elijah stomped his foot a few times to let us know of his dissatisfaction and then gave us big snuggles. He was fine without us, but he missed us and we him.

You know how people like to show off their vacation photos and you have to sit and pretend to enjoy looking at pictures of a place you've never been before? Yeah, that's going to be you now because I'm going to deluge you with photos now of our vacation in Door County, Wisconsin. 
The view we woke up to each morning
Swedish restaurant with goats on the roof
Attending our first ever fish boil
Delicious result of the fish boil
This is what I look like relaxed
This is what Andy looks like relaxed (and tired) enjoying breakfast at the Inn in which we stayed
A neat stone beach on Washington Island, WI
Lest you think the above photo looks romantic and secluded
We had some amazing pizza (yes, that's broccoli)
We went to an outdoor theater and saw The Importance of Being Earnest (this was a bonfire during intermission)
We rode Segways - I was terrified at first, but this was SO fun
We watched this sunset while eating at a French restaurant on our anniversary (siighhh)
Oh, it was a good, relaxing, missing-Elijah time. So glad I got over my guilt and went!

Do you guys ever get to go on a getaway with your spouse (or alone)?


Dad Lausted said...

And you so........deserved it.
Li ndy.. I get it.
Love you guys.

Kathy said...

Door County is so beautiful and relaxing. It brought tears of joy to see your relaxed faces. Elijah was safe and sound back home doing his usual activities, getting up at 5 a.m. and doing lots of dancing. But now he has a new repertoire of memories and learning experiences. He did miss you. :) Love you, Mumsie

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