Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Puppet Master

A short and handsome man asks me to dance multiple times a day. In my minds eye, he's wearing a little tux and I'm donning a floor-length ball gown with not a hair out of place.

He taps me on my hip to get my attention (because he's not tall enough to tap me on my shoulder) and when I turn around, he grabs my hand and asks for a dance.

We waltz around the ballroom that looks a lot like a kitchen and smell the supper burn.

Thanks for the dance, handsome prince. I'd dance with you any day of the week (and I do, don't I?).
I think it's pretty awesome that Elijah has invented his own sign to ask for a dance: he grabs my hand (or anyone's hand for that matter) and moves it back and forth. Often, he simply wants to watch me dance; he doesn't necessarily want to dance together. I've danced at the dentist, multiple stores, and of course in our kitchen.
I'm a sucker; I think I've turned into a puppet. Good thing my puppet master is cute.
Oh, how I love this kid.


Kathy said...

I have had the pleasure of dancing with this little handsome prince. He always asks in such a nice way. And we dance away on a cloud of laughter. What joy! Then there are times when he just stands there and revels in the duty of the Puppet Master and watches! HA. He makes me laugh! HA. Love you, little Puppet Master, Elijah!!

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