Monday, February 21, 2011

How to Apply Eye Drops to Your Child (by Yourself)

1. Grab medicine.

2. Attack your child before he or she realizes what is about to happen.

3. Hold them down using your legs (because no amount of reasoning is going to make your child sit still for this one).

4. Pry open his or her eyelid with one hand.

5. Use other hand to apply drops.

6. Repeat steps 4-5 on second eye.

7. Hope and pray that your child won't hate you for this.

8. Give them lots of kisses.

9. Stop with the kissing already - your child is already annoyed with you.

!0. Stop torturing your child...that is until the next eye drops are needed.

Simple, right?


Mo said...

What drops does Elijah need? We have to do this with Oia to... it's like trying to give a cat a bath.

Unknown said...

Hey Lisa!

Poor Elijah! Not sure if this will help or not, but a colleague once told me that it is sometimes easier to instill the eye drop in the corner of the eye with the eye closed, especially in little ones. Then when the eye opens it will absorb the drop. Although this is assumingly not the official way to instill an eye drop it is better than getting no eye drop in at all!! It is also important once you get the eye drop in to hold the corner of the eye so that the eye can absorb the drop and it is not lost down the back of the throat! Hope maybe this helps?!? Feel better Elijah!

Anonymous said...

If you hold the bottle in you hand for a while to warm drops up it feels better going in eye.
Not that he won't fight you but it's less shocking to the eye.

Anonymous said...

Try warming up drops like I said and do it when he is asleep.

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