Thursday, May 14, 2009

Twenty-One Months…with Less Hair

"My mom took me to get my hair cut!" (So this is really just the expression he had when he was trying to attack my camera, but I like my caption better)
haircut haircut
In honor of Elijah's twenty-first month birthday, he got his first professional haircut. Oh, he looks so grown up now. And handsome.
5-14-09 5-14-09
I'm not partial at all.
Nor is Andy.


Erika said...


Rich said...

Looks good Elijah.. Of course, I'm the one that has not cut my hair in... eh, about 4 years now... Other then a trim of the tail.... LOL

Anonymous said...

Elijah. You knew Grandpa Dennis would approve. You looked like you actually enjoyed your time in the barber's chair. I can't spell beautician. Good Job!!'
Love from Grandpa Dennis

Michelle said...

It is amazing how a haircut can make a toddler look like a little boy! What a handsome little man Elijah is. You were smart to take him to a professional to get it cut. I always end up doing it myself, and it is a very difficult job! (I've even tried cutting Weston's hair in his sleep when he isn't moving around so much!)

Ellen Seidman said...

I am a little bit more objective than you guys, so let me just confirm, HE IS ADORABLE!!! And so handsome! I am glad he seemed to have a good first haircut experience. I think I still have residual trauma from Max's. :)

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