Thursday, October 2, 2008

One to Go!

Tomorrow morning we will complete our 40th HBOT dive. It feels good to have these treatments under our belt. I’m sure you’re all wondering about the million dollar question…”Has it made a difference?”

Elijah has always made progress, so it’s hard to quantify what is “just” his development and what is a result of HBOT. He isn’t regaining abilities, but rather learning things for the first time. For that reason, it’s hard to know what he would or would not be doing without HBOT. Regardless of who or what gets the credit, though, Elijah is doing really well.

I know I haven’t really answered that expensive question… Yes, I think it has made a difference. I’m excited to see what people who haven’t seen Elijah (since we’ve started treatment) will say about his progress. It’s sometimes difficult for us to be objective or to see things clearly because we’re so close the situation. I believe that trying HBOT has definitely been worth the time (and money). We’ll never ask the question, “What if we had tried it?”

We are all doing well and I hope this finds you all the same.


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