Thursday, September 4, 2008

Six treatments down, Thirty-four to go...

Our adventure with HBOT is going smoothly so far. The only snag is that my allergies have been horrendous so I’ve been unable to be the one to “dive” with Elijah. Andy has done all of them so far by doing a treatment before and after work. It’s not ideal, but it has been working out.

It really is hard to tell if the treatments are working yet. Elijah does seem to be a little different to us. Of course, the skeptics would say that’s just his normal development... perhaps it is. Regardless of who or what gets credit, Elijah continues to make progress.

One thing Elijah started to do before we started treatment was to get onto his hands and knees by himself more consistently. Now, he seems to be moving constantly. He’s not crawling yet, but he’s getting closer. Today, he would roll and then get on his hands and knees and rock, roll again and then get on his hands and knees and rock again. Hmm, I guess he’s a rock n’ roll star! He is famous after all. :)

So, what if anything, would we contribute to the HBOT? Well, it seems to me that he is in the here and now more often than more. He is more apt to look at us without prompting. We also feel like he is looser in his shoulders and is able to move more freely. Most people don’t really see changes until later, so we’re hoping that sometime during this process we’ll be able to say that, “Yep, this is definitely a result of the HBOT.” We’re trying really hard to remain objective and not attribute things to the HBOT when it doesn’t deserve the credit, but I really feel in my gut that Elijah’s responsiveness has improved because of the therapy. Time will tell.

Check out the link to Elijah’s Photobucket in the next few days. There are new pictures in the ten and eleven month albums and I’ll be uploading new stuff soon. Hope you are all doing well. Thanks for thinking of us and for keeping us in your prayers. God is the one who created oxygen and He is the one who can use it to heal Elijah.

P.S. To answer the question in our guestbook...HBOT can be pronounced either H-BOT or H-B-O-T. I tend to say H-B-O-T, but I’ve noticed that a lot of people say H-BOT. So, I guess whatever strikes your fancy. :)


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