Saturday, May 10, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

This isn’t really an update on Elijah, but rather a note to say thank you to all the great moms out there - so, great moms, “Thanks!”

I wanted to say a special thanks to two very important moms in my life: my mom, Kathy and my mom-in-law, Teri (aka “the grandmas!”). You two women have made me who I am, inspire me, and have shown me what it means to be a mom. I certainly didn’t appreciate all that you’ve done for your families until I gained the title myself. Thanks for the example you’ve both been. And thanks for all the support you both gave us during our most difficult days. I love you both and feel so blessed to not only have a fantastic mom who raised me and a fantastic mom who raised my wonderful husband, but to have two women who I truly enjoy being around and call my friends. Thanks!

Thanks also to the “greats” Norma and Joyce. You are amazing women and I am overwhelmed with happiness to have the privilege to be part of such great families. And, for all those moms out there who do what is best for their children, thanks for all that you do.

I love that I am a mom this year on Mother’s Day. It’s kind of hard to believe that I’m a mommy, but I am savoring every moment. All right, I can’t write a journal without talking about Elijah... He’s looking forward to showering his mommy with love on her first Mother’s Day. That’s the best gift of all! What a blessing to be his mom! Have a good one ladies (and ‘gents!). :)


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