Sunday, March 30, 2008

I’m writing this journal outside, sitting on our porch. Life is renewing itself all around us and I can’t help but to start making plans for the future. When the sun is out, life in general seems brighter. Sometimes I love living in a colder climate. While the winter can seem to drag on at times, I think I appreciate a good 50 degree day more than if the weather was nice all the time.

Elijah just woke up from a nap and is “talking” in his stroller. Andy and I are sitting on both sides of him, typing on our laptops. It’s funny sometimes how much technology is integrated into our lives, but nothing beats feeling the warmth on our faces from the safety of our front yard. We had a wonderful weekend spending time with Elijah’s Uncle Dan and Aunt Darlene. We’ve had a lot of good visits the last few weekends with Elijah’s aunt, uncle, and grandparents. Life is good… (We love you guys!)

Last week we took Elijah in to see his pediatrician; Dr. Positive. Elijah had some swollen glands that didn’t seem to be going away and has seemed congested for quite awhile now. He hasn’t really acted like he was sick, but we thought it would be good to get him checked out, just to be safe.

The doc checked Elijah over and everything is fine. He explained what to look for and when swollen glands would become a concern. He explained that Elijah probably was fighting a minor cold and as a baby gets older, he has to rely more on his own immune system rather than lean on the protection his mother gave him in the womb. Makes sense. He put our minds at ease and we were glad to see what Elijah now weighs, which is seventeen pounds fifteen ounces…with his clothes on. He is typically weighed without clothes, but he is definitely gaining weight and seems to be such a healthy little guy. We are so blessed in that department.

Dr. Positive also thought that Elijah’s head shape has changed since he last saw him and that it is becoming less noticeable. That is nice to hear. He also seemed to think Elijah was doing well and said he was happy to see how Elijah was interacting with me.

I have a little boy smiling at me right now as I type this. It’s hard to type and try to look at him at the same time! I suppose I should spend the rest of my day staring at him instead of a computer screen, so that’ll have to do for an update. Hope you are all doing well and enjoying the day too.

Love, The Wagners


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