Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Jumping for Joy

The following is a video of Elijah jumping in his crib (taken a few weeks ago- shortly after we got home from our month of therapy). We were pretty excited to see him holding on to the edge of the crib by himself. Now we see him doing this all the time... He'll wake up and we'll hear springs bouncing. It's kind of hilarious.

Seeing Elijah standing (and jumping!!!) in his crib is pretty exciting. That might seem strange, since he's been walking for a few months now and pulling to stand is technically a step backwards. But, Elijah skipped the pulling to stand/walking along furniture stage and it's nice to see him using his hands more often. This was something he definitely wasn't doing before the therapy in March.


Anonymous said...

How awesome is that! Elijah! Look at you jump! Mom and Dad, it's fun to enjoy these moments, isn't it?!
Love, MomKat

Kristie Dingeldein said... exciting! He deffinitley has made great strides and he's such a happy little guy! LOVE his enthusiasm and his smile!!!

Ellen Seidman said...

That jumping is GREAT!!!! Both because he can do it (Max can't yet) and because he's just so darn happy about it!

FYI, Max had milk and peanut allergies at one point, too. The peanut one has stuck, but I am happy to say he grew out of the milk one—maybe Elijah will, too.

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