Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Great news! The EEG came back normal. What does that mean exactly? I don’t really know, just as I didn’t know what an abnormal EEG meant. Normal and abnormal are such abstract words. Who is really “normal”? Certainly not me. J
What I do know is that the EEG is a snapshot in time. This means that during the hour the test occurred, Elijah didn’t have any seizures and apparently everything looked normal. From what I’ve read, a normal EEG doesn’t necessarily mean there are no problems. It is obviously better than an abnormal EEG and I take it to be a really good sign. Finally the tests are starting to correlate with the little boy we see in front of us.
As a result of the good EEG, we are now weaning Elijah off of the Phenobarbital. He will still be on it for the next month, but in gradually smaller doses. This makes us really happy. God has been really good to us and we feel so blessed. Elijah is truly a miracle.


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